At Coral Tech, we believe that the ability to deliver an exceptional product rests solely on our commitment to continuously bettering our service and quality.

How do we achieve consistency with a natural product that has wavering variations in color, texture, porosity & character?

  • Location

    Our quarries are established in areas where the composition of the minerals are consistent & highly concentrated with fossilized inlays & impregnation of sea organism, giving our coral a richer, more distinguishably unique look.
  • Technology

    We use custom made italian machinery which are the most advanced in the industry. allowing for more precise & accurate. Our cutting edge, state of the art equipment can adjustable to cut any size.
  • Sorting & Classification Techniques

    We inspect every block that is extracted and sort them. Because you can still have much variation in a single block, we sort based on the project needs. Prior to packaging we sort again to narrow down the coral blocks which gives us the most consistent rock available.
  • Ancillary & Efficiency

    We generate less waste than any other supplier in the D.R. reusing every bit of the coral until we sell our remnants as aggregate. Reclaim, filter & reuse all the water for our facilities . Our manufacturing facilities have full capacity generator backups in case of any power outages.
  • Packaging: Less than 1% breakage

    We package all orders with new wood, sealed burned. We build our crates around the order dimensions.
  • Service

    Punctuality and customer service come first. Our high volume discounted shipping rates allow us to offer the best pricing when sending to the various ports all over the United States